About Ferlin

Smart process solutions from silo to feed throat

Founded in 1981: a company specialized in the engineering of both simple and complex transport systems. These transportation systems were expanded with the now well-known GRAVIMIX, a unique gravimetric batch blending system, an unprecedented worldwide success story. This bedrock of substantial growth, which is entirely developed and produced in-house, is now available in more than 50 variants. With the addition of the drywell dryers from digicolor to our catalog, we have become the place to be for smart solutions from silo to feed throat.

smart, smarter, smartest

From silo to feed throat we offer smart solutions. In order to do so we develop our products according to our product matrix.


Ease of use: Due to our experience of over 30 years we are able to really understand our customers. We know what really makes a difference in the production environment.

Accuracy: Providing grip, insight and control in the production process of our customers is how we believe we can contribute to a cost-conscious way of working within your organization, making sure there is as little waste of material as possible.

Reliability: Malfunctions and failures in the production process of our customers can lead to enormous costs. Reliability is therefore of paramount importance within Ferlin so we can offer continuity to our customers.

Integrability: Our machines should be easy to integrate into the production process of our customers. In a world where data is increasingly important we choose to develop our machines in such a way that both software and hardware have a strong integrability.

Cost-conscious: The before mentioned aspects of our product matrix are really a challenge if we set ourselves the goal of making our product affordable. Only then do we consider our solutions smart.


Of course, our machines are the basis of our success but only good machines is not enough. Our customer-oriented way of working and thinking in solutions is what makes us unique. Our fast service when you need something. A bespoke solution so it fits seamlessly into the production environment of our customer. We want to balance the interest of our customer and our own interest, with fair solutions for fair prices. We won’t enter into risky investments to provide continuity not only for our co-workers but also for our customers. We believe that in this way our co-workers and customers will experience fun when working with Ferlin.