Smart process solutions from silo to feed throat. 

Mission & Vision

Mission statement

From silo to feed throat we offer machines for the plastics industry. When it comes to granulates we are the specialist in smart solutions within the production process of our customers. We owe our existence in the way how we develop our products. Always with ease of use, accuracy, reliability, integrability in mind but in a costconscious manner. In this way we believe we can offer smart solutions from silo to feed throat.


We believe that our approach even today is still very relevant. However, we do see an addition to the concept of integrability. Not only in the hardware field, but more and more in software. We have developed the FerlinBridge which enables a two-way communication between the software of our customers and our GRAVIMIX. However, developments are ongoing and will receive increasing attention in the future. In this way we believe that we can also offer smart solutions from silo to feed throat in the future.

our values

Our values and beliefs provide our existence. It gives us a deeper meaning to the concept of employer or supplier of machines. Our ultimate goal: provide fun and continuity for customers and employees. That is what we really believe in what gives us energy. Fun & continuity are central in our organization. Not only for our customers but also for our employees, we want to offer fun and continuity.



Having fun in what you do is in our believes the most important thing. We do this by providing a good workplace, to find a good balance between work and private life and to give attention to our employees. So we try to increase the joy for our employees while working for Ferlin. Therefore we will be better able to try to find a perfect balance in our product matrix.

We believe that when we have found that perfect balance that our customers will experience a lot of fun with our products. We aim to develop extremely user-friendly machines to guarantee for example a very quick recipe change. Not only user-friendliness creates fun but also a very accurate machine enabling our customers to never consume too many resources. All without losing sight of the degree of integrability in the production process of our client.



Continuity means at Ferlin, pursuing a long-term relationship. Both for our customers and our employees. In dealing with our customers we seek to strike a balance between the interests of customers and Ferlin. In addition, we make our developments backwards compatible so that our clients can benefit in the future of our smart solutions. Moreover, we provide highly reliable products at an acceptable price with which we contribute to the continuity of our client.

For our employees this means that they have no extreme pressure and that we shall not enter into risky investments. We are aware of our responsibilities as an employer. In this way we believe to offer continuity to both customer and employee.