• Insight and control
  • High degree of integrability
  • Web based application
  • SQL database
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    FerlinBridge enables smart industry

    We have developed the FerlinBridge to accommodate the shift towards Smart Industry. The FerlinBridge is placed between the GRAVIMIX and your system, which enables a two-way communication. In this way it is possible to retrieve data from the GRAVIMIX and to send data to the GRAVIMIX. This enables our customers to reduce manual input in the production process and thus possible errors. It also enables in a high degree of tracability of materials. Last but not least you can integrate all data in for example your ERP system.

    Insight and control

    Ferlin is specialist in delivering smart solutions from silo to feed throat. From that perspective we developed the FerlinBridge in order to follow the trend towards smart factory. With the FerlinBridge it is possible to view which recipe is running on what GRAVIMIX. It is also possible to view how many batches have been made with this recipe and what the actual dosing was. Besides, the recipe and other parameters can be controlled from one location. In that way the operators have more time to control the rest of the process. These data can be integrated in a SQL database and with a view clicks it is possible to generate query’s.

    Versions and solutions

    There are multiple situations in which the FerlinBridge can provide a solution. To illustrate, one customer used the FerlinBridge in order to enhance the trace-ability of their products. While another customer used the FerlinBridge to gain insight in loss of material. The two-way communication between the GRAVIMIX and the FerlinBridge is established by using OPC UA or a database, making it relatively easy to communicate with your system. Your system communicates with the FerlinBridge which, in turn, communicates with the GRAVIMIX.

    Economically and user-friendly

    It is possible to use the FerlinBridge on any given desktop. Besides, Ferlin developed an app for Android devices, which enables our customer to get insights anywhere, any time.  It is possible to see what is being used, in which ratio, by what machine, in what batch and for which customer.

    Desktop interface:

    printscreen 1

    Smart phone interface

    mobiel 5


    • Two-way communication
    • Using OPC UA or
    • .NET providers, like SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle en PostgreSQL


    • Insights and control
    • High degree of integrability
    • Free app for Android devices
    • Relatively simple customer specific app



    • Max. capacity: 50 kg/h
    • Number of components: 2, 3 or 4
    • Comprehensive control
    • Compact and robust
    • Easy Clean System
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    • Max. capacity: 200 kg/h
    • Components: 2 to 6
    • Comprehensive control
    • Compact and robust
    • Easy Clean System
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    FGB 5

    • Max. Capacity: about 355-945 kg/h
    • Components: 2 to 6
    • Comprehensive control
    • Compact and robust
    • Easy to clean
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    FGB 10

    • Max. Capacity: approx. 750 - 1800 kg/h
    • Components: 2 to 7
    • Comprehensive control
    • FerlinBridge optional
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    FGB 25

    • Max. capacity: about 1000 - 2750 kg/h
    • Components: 2 to 8
    • Comprehensive service
    • Option to FerlinBridge
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