Accuracy is what counts at Weener Plastics

During the K-fair 2016 in Düsseldorf Herman Vos came to our stand asking: “Do we receive a quantity discount when we order 30 Ferlin dosing machines?” Reason enough for us to go and visit Herman Vos in Tilburg after the K-fair and discuss his specific wishes.

Weener Plastics specializes in producing caps. The most complex caps and closures are produced here, according to the high standards of their customers. At Weener Plastics the Ferlin dosing machines, among several other brands, are used for producing these caps. One of the Ferlin machines is positioned directly onto the feed throat of an injection moulding installation and thus moves along with the injecting motions of the installation. “This machine of yours wobbles like crazy, but still the dosing remains extremely accurate. Really incredible.“

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