HK Plastics has been a loyal customer for years because of reliability and good cooperation

Recently we visited Geert de Wilde at HK Plastics. Here the Ferlin Gravimix has been used for years now to produce all kinds of different types of buckets and other packaging material. We already set up the factory as we like to; from silo to feed throat. The occasion for this visit was to maybe expand the capacity of raw material supply. “I never hear about malfunctions in the factory concerning the supply of granules to the processing machine, which is why I want Ferlin, ” Geert de Wilde, plant manager at HK Plastics, states. Another important point Geert de Wilde shares with Gerhard Heuver, account manager NL at Ferlin, is that at Ferlin the customer is not treated as a number. “When you call, they help you right away so your business can continue. The cooperation between Ferlin and HK Plastics is very good.”


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