User friendliness is paramount at Pekago

On August 8 we visited Pekago Covering Technology. Pekago specialises in engineering, tool making, injection moulding and the assembly of parts of housing and technical components from plastics. They have customers in many different fields of industry. They deliver for instance to the aviation industry, in particular concerning the interior of planes, but also to the medical industry where they produce parts for medical equipment. As you can imagine for these industries the delivered parts need to meet the highest quality standards.


Weight and fire safety are important parameters within the aviation whereas safe and reliable materials are paramount for the medical industry. These strict quality demands are one of the reasons why Pekago works with our GRAVIMIX. “Ferlin radiates the quality that suits Pekago”, according to Wil Mathijsen, production engineer at Pekago. The user friendliness is another reason for Pekago to work with the Ferlin GRAVIMIX. “The blenders are easy to use and therefore running continuously. Due to their mobility the blenders are also often used as a mobile station and used with various types of injection moulding machines.”


During the tour around the company, Wil Mathijsen, points out another important aspect of the GRAVIMIX: “…over there a GRAVIMIX is being moved and used with another injection moulding machine. It does not take our employers a long time to clean the GRAVIMIX, which is a very important aspect for us considering the short runs and the consequential switch of material. “


Arriving at Pekago’s second new injection moulding machine, Wil Mathijsen explains: “Purchasing this injection moulding machine we paid a lot of attention to reliability, which is an aspect the GRAVIMIX can relate to. It never falls in malfunction or breaks down.”


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