Blow molding

In the plastics processing industry, there are various techniques that can be used to come at a final product. One of those techniques is blow molding. In this process, a final product is formed with a hollow shape, for example bottles. Typically tops and tails arise during this process.

Ferlin as solution

The material of which the tops and tails exist of, is exactly the same as the final product. It would therefore be unnecessary to throw away this material. Thanks to our precise GRAVIMIX we know exactly what is included in this waste so that it hardly needs to be colored or mixed with other additives when it immediately after the end of the process, is re-used into the same process. Thanks to the FerlinBridge it is possible to retrieve even more (historical) data. This saves additives.

In addition, Ferlin can provide a solution with, for example, a regrind silo control. This makes it possible to realize a constant proportion of regrind in the process by which the process is even better under control. When our customer hereby uses narrow margins, it is still possible to consume all of the regrind material so that nothing is lost and there is hardly any overdose.

Due to the accuracy of our GRAVIMIX and solutions as the regrind silo control the GRAVIMIX is a very good partner for your blow molding machine.



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