In the plastics processing industry, there are various techniques that can be used to come at a final product. One of those techniques is extrusion. During this process, there is plastic material, in liquid form, forced through a die. A constant supply of material in the right proportion is critical.

Ferlin is the solution

Due to the continuous nature it is extremely important that the ratio of raw materials is as constant as possible. The GRAVIMIX FGB MECS and FLECS one load cell while the FGB 5 has one set of load cells weighing all components. All components are weighed by the same load cell or set so that there are no differences in calibration and the ratio of materials is always constant.

The advantage of a constant mixture is that the customer can now be focused on the extrusion process. We regulate the mixture. In particular, for large-scale facilities we have good solutions for the processing of the regrind and other production waste. With the FGB 10 and FGB 25, it is possible to process material having a low bulk density.