Injection molding

In the plastics processing industry, there are various techniques that can be used to come at a final product. One of these techniques is injection molding. The injection molding machine, melts the plastic to a viscous mass, after which the plastic is injected into a mold.

Ferlin has the right solution

Within the technique of injection molding waste can arise, such as sprues and failed products. This material has already been dosed and mixed in the correct proportions. Thanks to our precise machines, we know exactly what is included in this waste so that it hardly needs to be colored or mixed with new additives when it immediately after the end of the process, is being re-used into the same process. This saves additives.

The GRAVIMIX weighs all components in a weighing pan, after which the metered material falls in the mixing chamber. Here, a homogeneous mixture is created. In the meantime the GRAVIMIX weighs the next batch. The sensor in the mixing chamber detects whether the mixing chamber is empty or full. Only at the moment when the sensor transmits a low level signal, the next batch falls into the mixing chamber. As a result, the GRAVIMIX has no need of a signal from the injection molding machine and thus operates independently.

The GRAVIMIX automatically follows the material requirements of the injection molding machine. No settings have to be changed if, for example, the dosing time is adjusted.

Due to accuracy and the manner in which the GRAVIMIX operates, this is a very suitable partner for your injection molding machine.